Finelli Consulting
Engineers, Inc.

205 Route 31 North
Washington, NJ 07882
Phone: 908.835.9500
Fax: 908.835.9909

Finelli Consulting
Engineers, Inc.

2605 Nazareth Road
Easton, PA 18045
Phone: 610.559.1000
Fax: 610.258.6237

Client Login/Upload

Uploading and Downloading Instructions

Step 1
You must call Finelli Consulting Engineers, Inc. (908.835.9500) or email us in order to obtain your user name and password before logging in.

Step 2
Click here to login to Finelli's FTP page and enter your user name and password.

Step 3
Once you are logged in, search for the folder with your company name on it and click on the blue hyperlink.

Step 4
In order to upload a file: Navigate to the appropriate file on your computer (thru the My Computer area for Windows) and then drag and drop the file from 'My Computer' to the browser window.

In order to to download a file: Right click on the name of the file link, and then click the 'Save Target As' link. If a dialog box comes onto your screen, select 'save' and browse to the appropriate location on your computer.

Step 5
When you are finished uploading or downloading your file, hit the 'Logout' link.

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