Finelli Consulting
Engineers, Inc.

205 Route 31 North
Washington, NJ 07882
Phone: 908.835.9500
Fax: 908.835.9909

Finelli Consulting
Engineers, Inc.

2605 Nazareth Road
Easton, PA 18045
Phone: 610.559.1000
Fax: 610.258.6237

Our Mission Statement

Finelli Consulting Engineers, Inc. provides our clients with the highest quality engineering, surveying, planning and design services. Our employees have been dedicated to earning and maintaining a reputation of excellence in a very competitive industry. Our unique combination of expertise and experience enable us to offer both private and public sector clients with comprehensive professional services.

It is the philosophy of FCE to keep the complexity of the design to a minimum and to help save our Client potential unnecessary construction costs. This is accomplished by being proactive in the design process, being informed on current outside agency regulations, and having a clear understanding of the scope of the project prior to the commencement of the design. Internally, FCE uses the acronym, PROTECT, which stands for the following:

P Proactive
R Reliable
O Organized
T Trustworthy
E Effective Communication
C Commitment
T Teamwork

We feel that to embrace this acronym is essential to maintaining the quality of the product that we provide to our clients. We strive to extend this philosophy on all of our projects. We not only want to PROTECT the reputation of the firm, but also PROTECT the best interests of our Clients.

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