What is a Geotechnical Survey

Understanding surface and subsurface ground conditions is an important first step in the planning of any construction project. A geotechnical survey is an investigation that collects information on the physical characteristics of a site being considered for development as part of that planning process.

Also known as a geotechnical investigation, it analyzes important factors such as soil conditions, bedrock location, and composition, groundwater, slope, etc. This information is used to examine project feasibility, determine foundation and other construction requirements, identify hazards, mitigate potential risks, and various other purposes.

A geotechnical survey may be required:

  • By owners and other stakeholders to determine the viability of a project and its potential costs
  • By contractors, structural engineers, and architects to inform design, layout, earthwork and foundation design, required tasks and equipment, and various other necessary activities
  • By banks, lending institutions, and investors for project funding purposes
  • By local or state authorities for construction approvals and permits
  • By insurance companies providing coverage for the project and for the future structure
  • At project completion, along with all as-built drawings, for final funding, permit closeout, and filing

Finelli Consulting Engineers is highly experienced in performing all aspects of geotechnical surveys and can assist private, municipal, and other government clients with all of their site investigation, planning, and design needs. Please contact FCE at 908-835-9500 for more information.


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